Mission Statement: To work with an owner or tenant to create the vision they hold within a budget they can handle on a schedule that is realistic. Do all this and become close friends in the process.

Motto: I am never too busy to talk about work

Russell Parks has been a carpenter for over twenty years. Trained both in the classroom and in the field, he was an apprentice carpenter for four years. Since then Russell has specialized in renovation and remodel work in both the residential and commercial arenas.

His Commercial construction experience includes buildings on the University of Washington Campus and University Medical Center. He has converted warehouse space to offices, completed seismic renovations, and tenant improvements for commercial buildings. He also has experience estimating public works projects.

His extensive residential experience includes everything from fences, decks, arbors and outbuildings to replacing windows, and waterproofing basements to larger projects including, added second floors, bathes, kitchens and other remodeling and restoration projects for a variety of clients in Seattle, Oregon and Alaska.